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Earn up to TWO nights FREE 
refer friends and family with our Guest Referral Discounts.

The Greatest compliment our guests can bestow upon our Getaway is to refer friends and family.  We appreciate those referrals and will reward your referral with a 10% discount on each referral.

How it works:
*When a new guests uses your name as referring them to us we
automatically place your name on our referral list and credit 10% for up to 2 nights off your next stay. 
*Credits are accumulative and can be redeemed at any time for any day of the week.  So if you refer 5 new guests you earn 50% off your next stay or refer 10 Guests and receive 2 Free nights of your choice.  You can redeem your credits at any time before January 2017.
*Credit is good for 2 calendar years beginning in January 2014
*Credit holds no cash back value - can only be applied to a stay at Comfort Getaway
*Credits can be used as gifts or toward a gift certificate
*Credits cannot be combined with other guests credits
*Credits do not apply to special packages
*Referral must be made at the time of reservation either by phone or email.

So fire up those Facebook pages and start building your credits today!
You are appreciated


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